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Thursday 25th August

After a generous donation from one of our sponsors to provide a Bible for each school leaver from the centre - (SJCC primary school) we went in search of something suitable . We visited Bible Society of Uganda, Aristoc ,Bible World and a few others. With bulk discount we think the best option is Good News Bible from Bible Society at about £5.80 each.

Then starting at midday a series of back to back meetings in Cafesserie. Firstly Stephen Jota very worthwhile discussion on a number of issues including how to give sustainable, long term support to the most vulnerable. A welfare committee will be set up to implement this.

Then a good catch - up with Tony now part time manager at the Ivory. He has always been so supportive of all our initiatives and to cap it all he agreed to drive us to Budondo to see Brenda.

Then I thought I must connect with William, friend and fellow trustee of Nsumbi Enterprise Trust. So I called him and, massive coincidence, he was sitting in the same restaurant. What are the chances?

So the restaurant did well out of me today.

Tip of the day: When you hear that dreaded mosquito buzz at night, how do you know if it's inside or outside your net? Answer. If the tone stays about the same you are probably ok. If it changes then your hearing the Doppler shift and you need to get it before it gets you!

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