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Sunday 28th August

Today began with spending time with the Nakulabye United Football Club

to pass on some donations from Christ Church Football Team and to listen to their concerns and also explain how our link could work.

Then it was straight to FBC church for the Sunday service. Afterwards some of the children posed for a picture.

Then it was on to visit Nick's home. Lott's of people around. It's complicated but Nick is happy for me to explain when I return. It was a great afternoon.

In the late afternoon a good chat back at the place I am staying with these guys. Lawrence (in the middle) is also helping us with one of the strands of the Community Hub. He is a photographer and a budding film maker. He will also train young people in this area. The hub now has a decent camera that will help this to happen.

Tip of the day. Never be offended by the V sign. It means exactly the opposite of what you might think!

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