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Saturday 27th August

Today was all about Brenda and her baby and her family. Like a number of girls her age in Uganda, the extended lockdown has left her as a single Mum. Whilst her classmates are preparing for O level exams in a couple of months, Brenda is learning to look after Blessing - her baby girl.

The family live deep in the village 2 and a half hours drive from Kampala . Their homes are made of a framework of sticks with mud pushed into the gaps and sealed with cow dung .

They have land and are growing a variety of crops. They have a cow , chickens and they rent a goat. Brenda's mum Jane also runs a shop from her main room. The homestead is in three sections. Brenda has her own separate hut.

Its a great place for Brenda to start as a mum and it's possible that she could return to finish her education. Its also a place where her older brother Brukan, who is in S5 at Sozo, can use all the farming skills he has learned to further develop the land they have.

Many of the villagers have been given bicycles. They are very heavy, have no gears and you brake by pedalling backwards. No problem for me though as you can see!

Tip of the day Have you ever wondered how you can stop a cheap plastic ball from getting punctured? These boys have the answer

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