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Friday 26th August

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Today was spent visiting people in Nansana and Nakulabye and listening to to their stories.

Gloria has helped us identify needy households and especially elderly people who are struggling.

In Nakulabye it is always fascinating just to sit in Nics shop which has been extended to become the Community Hub. People are constantly popping in and out.

This is Boyco who runs Nakulabye United Football Club and Elizabeth. She is an elite football referee, a Journalist by Profession, a Football CAF D coach, a C.E.O of Nakulabye football team and a Manager of Kalema Boxing Club

Then this is a six year old entrepreneur running errands to earn his keep.

Next door the hairdresser Justine trains budding stylists. We gave funds to buy another model head!

Tip of the day. Its better to cross a busy road using a boda (motorbike taxi) than attempt to do it yourself. Yes they might start off driving into oncoming traffic but they know the unwritten rules of the road and somehow it works!

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