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Pauls trip to Uganda August 2022

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This page will contain updates and pictures for this trip betweeen August 22nd and 31st

Arrived safely on Monday travelling overnight with Kenya airways. It was good to meet with the core team in the evening at Cafe Javas. These guys keep things ticking over and are our super reliable co-ordinators for many of our projects. Norah, Nicholas and Patrick, They helped plan the week ahead and we did some strategic thinking about how to best use the community hub for the benefit of school leavers.

Tuesday 23rd August

Had lunch at my favourite Kampala restaurant - Cafesserie with Mukiibi Ali who we have kept up with after his sponsorship finished. He went through our training for young entrepreneurs and was building a successful business. Like many he is struggling post Covid as the economy was severely affected. He is a property broker linking landlords to potential renters. Unfortunately no-one is moving. He shared a vision he has for buying property and being a landlord himself. He certainly has built up the knowledge and skills to make it work.

In the afternoon I met up with John and Harriet at Forest Park in Buloba. We talked about a possible visit and looked around this impressive resort which is a bit like a center parc. If the trip goes ahead in July next year this would be a great place for some R and R between work at 2 Bridges School.

John and Harriet are setting up home just a short distance from Forest Park.

Their home is almost finished.

Great to catch up with them and do some preliminary planning. Final work of the day was to spend almost two hours doing this blog on an IPad. Have up and used the android app. So much quicker!

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