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Wednesday 24th August

Based in Nansana today. Great to see Norah's apartments which are half completed. Another storey is due to be added.

Then to Hour of Power Church and a long snd productive discussion with Godfrey - director at SJCC.

Then lunch at The Ivy oops I mean Ivory. Many of you will be familiar with this place. They have added a 5 aside astro pitch!

With Norah and Grace we visited Hope at her house where she stays with her mum and sister who is called Melody. Very interesting to see where they stay and meet the neighbours and deliver a gift from the sponsor.

Am staying in an Airbnb but it doesn't have a toaster. Tip of the day Don't try making toast by balancing bread over an electric hob element. Although the spiral burn marks look good it leaves a bad smell!

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